Friday, June 10, 2005
Friday and More Jack News

This is the end of a very long week. It's the first week of the summer semester at TCC so I've been working almost every day at my supposedly "part-time" job. But I really enjoy the work overall. I'm just really tired today. And I know I'm getting no sympathy from people who have to work 40 plus hours every week all year. Anyway, here are a few more news items concerning Saucy Jack that may be of some interest. Trevor Marriot's theory proposes that more than one person was responsible for the "double event." The latest Jack the Ripper letter to be made public is at this site. This story details the problems that Ripper Walks can cause in some East End neighborhoods of London. A generic story filed at the time of the From Hell filming asks why Jack still holds fascination for us after all these years. This site posits a railway policeman as the culprit and states that the letters hold clues to the killer being the employee of a railroad. A Rochester, New York newspaper asks if native son Francis Tumblety could be the murderer. That's all for now. I'm headed to bed.

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At 12:35 AM, Blogger Omni said...

I think people liked "From Hell" because Depp was in it... it didn't really matter if Jack the Ripper was the killer.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger LT said...

True, very true. I enjoyed Depp in the role and I thought his accent was good, although some English people have said it wasn't. That movie wouldn't have had any of the popularity it did without Depp. I respect him for getting advice from Donald Rumbelow for the role and the directors for re-creating the scenes so meticulously. But the story was fanciful at best.


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