Wednesday, April 02, 2008
And the World Weeps
Had to pass this along. Mariah Carey has now had more Number 1's in the US than Elvis Presley. Think about that. I have to go lie down now.

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No Jack the Ripper Beer for the Three Hulats
The Daily Star in England has the story of a pub that was to debut a "Ripper Beer" after Jack the Ripper. Unfortunately, there was another Ripper, the Yorkshire Ripper of the 70s. And by coincidence, one of the Yorkshire Ripper's victims who survived patronizes the pub, the Three Hulats. The landlord decided to change the name to "Jack and the Beanstalk."

I have seen beer produced under the name Jack the Ripper, and I believe you can even buy the bottles on EBay. Still, I understand the sentiments of the landlord and others. We are sort of immune to Jack the Ripper's implications simply because of the amount of time that has passed--we can worry about social implications, movies, forensic techniques, etc. without worrying about hurting someone directly involved. Not so with a contemporary serial killer.

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