Thursday, May 05, 2005
Last night was our final in my last (official) class. I was about halfway through it, just b.s.-ing until I realized I was actually writing pretty well. Then I started to care. Hopefully, I'll get the A. Anyway, we all went out afterward, and like ET said, it was loud and smoky at the bar. So loud, I couldn't even hear ET talk. Now that's loud!

I have this student who has been e-mailing me constantly after receiving her course grade and begging me to change it. I usually get one or two at the end of the semester who either tell me what they think they made (like that's going to affect me) or bemoaning their grade. I haven't had one who says that the grade in my class will cause her to lose her scholarship. This is an international student and I guess she needs the scholarship to stay at TU. I know one teacher who gave a bad grade--I mean, whose student got a bad grade in her class and not only did he lose his scholarship, he was deported back to Saudi Arabia. They are serious about scholarship. Here, we shrug and send them to TCC! I don't want to ignore the e-mails but I also don't want to get into a long discussion about it. There are many things that people can do in my classes to keep/receive high grades and, without being specific, if a person fails to do these things, I cannot help him or her. Also, I would get the rep of being either easy or malleable and it's hard enough to maintain respect and order in college classes. I'm not the only one who sees these grades and I have to give a copy of each assignment and its corresponding grade to my boss. She's too far away to justify the change. Man. I think it's just a worldwide idea now that everyone is "entitled" to whatever they want, or if they bitch about it long enough, they'll get it.

As far as ET's rant goes, I think that a blog is an unprofessional way to handle this and that you should come see me in my office (when you've got your stuff off my desk or you ever let me in there when you get off EBay) to talk about it. This is a small marriage and you may have to watch a movie again with me in the future, so it's not wise to burn bridges.

And thanks to Rachel for shaming me into adding a new post : )
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At 3:08 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

She might get deported back to Zimbabwe, huh? She should have thought about that before she made the conscience cognizant decision to do crappy in your class! What are you teaching again? And stick to your guns! Nothing pisses me off more than the slackers getting away with crap that if I ever tried wouldn't never fly. And then people letting them get away with it. It sets them up to expect it for life.

At 9:29 PM, Blogger ET said...

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At 11:54 PM, Blogger ET said...

THANK YOU Rachel, both for your stance on NOT changing the grade AND for shaming LT into posting something besides "Bathroom Etiquette"...I think on that score we are all relieved (pun intended).

LT, if you change for one, you must change for all. I don't care how sorry you feel for a student, it's not YOUR fucking problem that they did not get the work done. This is why people shoot other people and then can't understand when they're in trouble for it...there are no consequences. And if you give in, I can guarantee you a good two to four e-mails a day pestering you to watch a movie with me. Come to think of it, you should watch a movie with me anyway. But don't change your students' grades. We work HARD for our grades, and so did your other students. Giving this one special treatment only slaps your hardworking students in the face. And that makes YOU a student abuser!

I am a good student. I have a list of awards as long as my arm, yet I don't have a scholarship OR a TA-ship. Why? Because some candy ass student whined their way to my TA-ship by way of a better grade? I hope not! Someone out there deserves the scholarship and it is clearly NOT this student. Fughetaboudit.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger ET said...

SOMEONE (and I'm not going to mention any names) needs to post to his site more often so that we, his loyal followers, can have a good read once in a while. = )


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