Wednesday, April 13, 2005
H2G2 and others
During Sin City, they showed the latest preview of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I've been waiting since 1984, when I found this book, for the movie. Yes, I'm old. There have been many stops and starts to a theatrical release, but they finally did it. The television version is complete crap, but I have it (as do many true fans) because it seemed to be the closest we would ever come. And Simon Jones is a great voice for Arthur if not a great actor.

I understand the Hollywood need to inject an American into the essentially British story, but Mos Def? I like Mos Def and his song "Close" is one of my favorites. But Ford Prefect? Please. Plus they appear to have Arthur and Trillian fall in love in the movie and this didn't happen in the books. Yet another Hollywood twisting of a good story. Martin Freeman from "The Office" is perfect for Arthur and Alan Rickman as Marvin looks like fun. I'm only sorry that Douglas Adams died before he could see his creation finally hit the big screen.

This will be a welcome antidote to the Star Wars/Batman/Superman/Spiderman/LOTR/Harry Potter pre-packaged crap that Hollywood has put out or is planning to put out. Give me a break. None of the Sci Fi/Comedy genre would have been possible without Adams, and I never understood the appeal of Tolkein. I wonder how many people who love the movies ever tried to read the books or just bought them to be cool. They're dense, confusing and wayyyyyy too long. If I want a book like that, I'll read my literary criticism texts. Better than Ambien.

Amityville had some cool scenes in the preview, but really, was this remake needed? And House of Wax with Paris Hilton? Were we being "punk'd" or is this a real movie? Rob Zombie's new movie looks good. Good old-fashioned, straightforward horror. It's about time.

We read The Satanic Verses for a class this week and there's a reference to Jack the Ripper in it, plus a copycat killer in London called "The Granny Ripper." Yet another reference to ol' Jack. They do pile up. There was a Star Trek episode entitled, "A Wolf in the Fold" written, I believe, by Robert Bloch(Psycho) that transports Jack to the Enterprise. Psycho was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, whose first movie was "The Lodger." Which was about Jack the Ripper. He do get around.
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