Sunday, April 10, 2005
Sin City was pretty good. Very noir-ish and stylish. What's funny is that I didn't really think about going until ET dragged me to a lecture on Shakespeare Thursday night. My Victorian Lit. professor slash hoped-for dissertation director says hi to me and then says, "Have you seen Sin City? You need to see it. If you like noir." So, if it's good enough for him. . . He's also the director of film studies at TU. We've talked about Psycho, noir films like Maltese Falcon and the rest. It's just funny to think a man with titular control over me, like a boss or something, is directing me to entertain myself with a film full of either spoken about or actual genital mutilations.

I'm trying to keep up with work, school, assignments, readings, etc. It's getting tougher and tougher to even act interested. I definitely think I have senioritis, if there is such a thing only about halfway through a degree. I've got Great Expectations (the book) to finish, but I find myself reading Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County instead. With just the three or four MST3K episodes a day thrown in. We were talking in one class about all the absences from sickness this semester and have put it down to a mild winter not killing off the fungus, etc. I know I have allergies, but they usually manifest themselves as headaches and insomnia due to stomach ailments. Glad to know I'm not the only one. It may have something to do with my lack of motivation. Plus, Oklahoma is one of the worst allergy centers there is, so it just sucks to be here. Even the Shakespeare guy who came here from Stanford to deliver the lecture was sniffing and coughing and sneezing throughout the presentation.

I'll be working at TCC throughout the summer for the counseling/advising department, something I've been doing off and on for about a year now. So if anyone needs any advice about school, DON'T GO! SLACK OFF AND HOPE YOUR PARENT WILL LET YOU STAY AT HOME FOR FREE! The title "counselor" is really misleading; I have people come in and ask if I had a degree in Psychology to do this job. Yeah, it takes that to tell people their math skills suck and they need to take developmental courses. Or to find a comp class on Monday nights. They're talking about changing the title, because we do get people who want to bitch about their instructors or tell you that they need to drop a class because their husband or wife left them and they have no babysitter, or they missed a couple of weeks because of a DUI, etc. TCC is nothing if not diverse.

Taxes are done and it looks like we are getting a rebate from the federal government and raped by the Oklahoma one, so it's pretty much like last year. I don't understand how a state that charges such high taxes has such bad roads, schools, pollution. Tulsa and OKC are always on the "dirty air list" from the EPA and travelers always complain both about our turnpikes and the fact that the roads they have to pay to use suck. I wish there was one guy who went around announcing that he was the recipient of all our state taxes, thanking us very much for his mansion, cars and boats and that we have made him very happy. That would be easier to swallow than the thought that we just have a piss-poor and inefficient state government.

I just noticed all the Freudian hidden sexual imagery in this post. Genital mutilations in the first paragraph are not hidden, but then I use words like "titular" (hah!), "sucks," "rape," "swallow," and most disturbing, "fungus." I'm getting as bad as ET.
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At 11:17 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

I'm not particularly disputing the tax issue here, but I honestly don't believe Oklahoma has a high tax rate, do we? I've been led astray if that's the case. And, our toll roads aren't any good? I will give Oklahoma credit for having a Pikepass system that works far better than Houston. In Houston, the toll roads made you stop at the on and off ramps even if you had an EZTag. So, basically we had to pay for real ineffeciency. AND the EZTag for Houston wouldn't work for the toll system in Dallas. 'Twas stupid.

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous GF said...

This is your step son. I have the slacking off part down...are you going to let me stay "home with my parents for free" now? And here I thought I had to leave when I turned 18.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger ET said...

FINE. You took away my fun with the "titular" commentary. Yes...raped by the State of Oklahoma. VERY MUCH! And may I just say I have been sick (from the stupid allergy crap) since a week before THANKSGIVING! But moving on...all this talk of Freud reminds me that I need to visit the latest installment (perfect word!) of the "Penis Parade" on Rachel's site...


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