Thursday, May 19, 2005
Jack the Ripper and Me
Comparing myself to what we know about JTR.

Jack: Around mid-30s age range.
Me: Ditto

Jack: Lived in London
Me: If only. . .

Jack: Probably married/employed as he struck on weekends.
Me: Married, overemployed

Jack: Witnesses describe him as being of average height. For 1889, that's 5'8".
Me: I guess I'm average height for now, around 6 feet.

Jack: Of "foreign appearance," whatever that means.
Me: ?

Jack: Bushy moustache.
Me: Uh, no. In high school, though.

Jack: Wore a hat
Me: Not since I got my toupee'. Now I'm leading a more active lifestyle!

Jack: Hated women
Me: Only specific ones, and no one worth going to prison for. Plus, happily married to one.

Jack: Shy around women (when not killing them)
Me: Well, my wife had to ask me out!

Jack: Wore checked coat and trousers according to one witness
Me: Wore checked slacks to a chorus recital in the 5th grade. So hideous, I beat myself up that night.

Jack: Carried a parcel
Me: I usually have a book, if that counts.

Oh, and finally,
Jack: Killed at least 5 women
Me: . . . . . nah.
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