Saturday, April 17, 2010
Kosminski--Jack the Ripper's London Class
Last year, in my second class on Jack the Ripper's London, I had groups choose suspects and present their findings on each. The group that chose Aaron Kosminski used this as a prop for the presentation:

The group used the brush to flag Kosminski's profession of hairdresser.  Kosminski also had at least a tangential medical connection, as he was employed at one time at a hospital as either an orderly or hairdresser.  In 1988, the centennial of the case, the FBI opened an investigation along with Scotland Yard to determine the most likely suspect, and Kosminski was the top choice.  He was named in the McNaghton Memorandum and the Swanson Marginalia as a contemporary suspect as well.  Kosminski was committed to an asylum in 1891 where he later died. 

I'm impressed by the amount of work my students put in and hope to put up more of their props periodically.
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