Friday, April 16, 2010
Phil Howard, a film-maker in Brentwood, announced that he plans to make a movie about Jack the Ripper, hoping to have "Ray Winstone and Danny Dyer, as well as Geoff Bell, Ian Virgo and Sebastian Street in its cast."

Howard tells a newspaper that ""I always liked the story and have seen all the different interpretations of what happened on TV. But no-one's ever done it big. I'm intrigued by the fact no-one has ever known who did it." I thought From Hell was big...

Howard states that his source is "a crime book we think is the most true and correct called Jack the Ripper Crime Book. There are five suspects, five prostitutes and we follow them on a day to day basis." I wonder if this is the Jack the Ripper Crime Archive by Val Horsler? If not, I'm not familiar with the work. Maybe it's a title exclusive to the UK or a re-titled work?
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