Thursday, March 27, 2008
Is This English?
I am the first to admit I'm not hip, but I did think I could understand American English and even most British English. But I guess not...

From RWD Magazine, which is I guess a music mag, comes the following "profile" of an artist called Black the Ripper. What interests me about this interview are the references to Jack the Ripper and how he still resonates in British popular culture.

From the article:
Black the Ripper: When Black Met Jack
Artist: RWD

N18 resident, ex-footballer and grime soldier Black the Ripper aka SAMSON delves into LDN’S hugely historic, murderously murky and seriously smelly past to discover more about his namesake. We pinch our noses and take a trip back to ye olde London and speak slaughter as Black the Ripper meets Jack the Ripper (see what we did there?)

The plague avoided by Danny Walker. For more on one of Britannia’s most ruthless characters (ruthless as in 19th Century serial killer or killers that were NEVER caught, not ruthless as in 21st Century serial loser like Simon ‘Mi trousers are so high I can smell mi skid marks’ Cowell’)

Oh, God. Anyway:
all you have to do is look back into the history books. Since this is 2008 there is no need to go down to the boring library, read a book or even spell, all you have to do is get on that web and get your search on.

Yeah. To Hell with that book crap.
Three facts your auntie didn’t tell you about Jack the Ripper:
1. The name is actually taken from a letter sent to a newspaper by someone claiming to be the man himself. Like Jim’ll Fix It gone bad.
Black: I think that is deep. It just goes to show what effect the media have on things if we know this story now.

So you didn't know how Jack got his name? I'll give you that one-not many people know that much about the case.
2. The victims were women making a living as prostitutes/ ladies of the night/ hookers/ looser-than-loose gash.
Black: I don’t know what he’s on. He was a hungry guy. I don’t know what his frustrations were.

What? Now come on. You have to at least know what kind of women Jack killed.
3. The Ripper murders were often found displayed in public areas. The victim's throat was cut, after which the body was mutilated. The meat was so raw, often shanked-up beyond recognition that the only thing it is comparable to now is that of Chicken Cottage.
Black: That’s... [takes a drag from a “cigarette”] that’s real sh*t. [Laughs]

So then the writer and Black the Ripper go to the London Dungeon to learn more about Jack:
So what do you know about Jack the Ripper?
[Calmly] There is a negative obviously... that he killed girls.

Yeah, I would say that qualifies as a "negative." Apart from that though, a real smashing bloke.
I’m not about that, innit.

The only positive is he was never found by no feds. It’s not good; it’s just what I know.

Ah. OK. Saved himself, there, I guess.
[Black knows far more than he’s letting on. We up our line of questioning] The murders were around the Whitechapel area in the 19th Century... where were you? Could it have been you?
[Laughs] Nah... I get girls. [Laughs] I get girls.

Well, so did Jack--oh, I see what you mean.

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At 8:03 AM, Blogger Danny Walker said...

Thanks for the analysis.

Danny – the writer of this feature and yes, we are a music magazine.

At 1:42 PM, Blogger LT said...

No problem. Thanks for being able to take a joke!


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