Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Anyone Got a Better Mousetrap?
We have had off and on troubles with field mice, as we live pretty close to a field and on the other side of the field is a horse ranch. Every so often, we get one inside the house instead of just the attic or garage. NOW is one of those times. We have 5 cats, and only one seems interested in catching it. Way to earn your keep!

We watched the end of Time after Time today, and it seems to have been a hit with the students. I never remembered that movie as being that funny, but there are some really good lines in it. Some are unintentionally funny, as well. But for the movie to have been set in the 70s, it still holds up pretty well as far as showing the anachronistic nature of both Wells and Jack. But of course, Jack comes to fit in with the 20th Century a little too well...

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