Friday, March 05, 2010
Here's another Jack the Ripper-themed musical, this one being presented in Dallas, Texas.

Donald Fowler has written and produced Creep: The Very, Very Sad but Unfortunately True and Completely Fabricated Tale of Jack the Ripper, and he has an interesting take on the story:

Although Fowler is well-versed in Ripperology, he felt empowered to defy the accepted mythology and invent people and events to serve his artistic sentiments. Purists may sniff, he admits, but for him, it was about being true to his vision...“The beauty I find is in the desperation of all these people, and then they get murdered. You can only take so much of that. I didn’t want to tell a literal tale, just something really interesting and melodramatic and fun. This piece is a puzzle. You get all the pieces throughout the musical until we finally find out who Jack the Ripper is when he finds out.”

I like Fowler's approach here, as it's always been more fascinating to me to delve into the lives of the victims and those who had to live in such conditions, as well as possible motives for the crimes from the individual murderer's point of view. To me, this is what will lead to understanding such behavior and perhaps preventing it in the future.
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