Tuesday, December 26, 2006
I'm Back!!!!!!!!
Well, it's been over a year, but I've been getting the itch to write some new things and work out some issues about the Victorian Era and Jacky. A lot of press has revolved around the Ipswich killings and brought the Ripper back to the forefront of British and, to some extent, American press. Also, the past year brought a couple of books exploring the Ripperology phenomenon and its place in society. Seemed a precipitious time to begin anew.

One caveat, however: this won't be just about Jack, as I believe I painted myself into a corner with the title. I like it however, so it'll stay. Still, there will be posts about my everyday life and my countdown to graduation.

That's the other thing: I've passed my comprehensive exams, my language exam and my prospectus portions of my Ph.D. program, so now all I have to do is write the dissertation. Easy peasy. :) As it involves Arthur Conan Doyle, he'll crop up quite a bit around here. So hopefully anyone reading this will follow as I look at the not-too-famous stories of ACD and what it's like to work on a Ph.D. dissertation, with the following stipulation: I'm trying to get done in a year. Everyone says it's impossible. We'll see...

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At 6:52 PM, Blogger I-Cat said...

Congratulations on restarting your blog. I think you are okay with the title, because it clearly states two main elements -- "JTR" and "Me," with two additional descriptives which state said blog is "illustrated" and included "scenes from the Victorian Era." Since you work in the Victorian Era, anything you post could be considered relevant to both you and therefore the time frame.

In other words, blog what you want, man!


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