Sunday, July 10, 2005
I'm a Mystery Science Theater 3000 buff, and am puzzled by the long waits between collections released by Rhino Home Video. From what I hear, this is because they only release films as they come into public domain so as to avoid copyright fees. Still, they seem to only be released in dribs and drabs. I guess it's better than nothing. Anyway, Rhino is now asking which movies the fans want to see in the next collection. If you click here, you can tell the Rhino folks your favorites. This site is also the official home for the fan club if you want to buy merchandise, etc.

A man who was writing a book about the BTK killer was told that BTK may resurface because he was addicted to the notoriety and the book would force him to comment. Quoted from a Kansas newspaper concerning the BTK killer:

The same detective who warned Beattie that his book might smoke BTK out from hiding predicted that if he ever did reappear he would be caught "within 10 days," Beattie said. When that didn't happen, "I started becoming concerned," he said. "I had to start thinking about the possibility they may never catch this guy. We might have another Jack the Ripper."

Of course, BTK was captured not too long afterward.

Rader [Dennis Rader, arrested BTK suspect] has confirmed that learning about Beattie's book prompted him to resurface after 25 years of silence, saying that Beattie was likely "gloating" now.

You may have conflicting opinions about whether Jack wrote the letters to the press, but the BTK case is one instance where if the killer had kept his mouth shut, he would have gotten away with it.

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