Friday, December 19, 2008
"Woman Without a Face" Serial Killer Strikes Again, Two Other Killers Evoke Jack
Today comes word the female serial killer dubbed "Woman Without a Face" has struck again. She is thought responsible for at least 4 murders and her DNA was found at the scene of a triple homicide. She has eluded authorities in Germany for over 15 years.

Adam Owens, convicted of the murder of his mother in 2006, shouted from the dock that the 17 years without parole he received was inadequate, because he would do it again if he got out. His brother, Dr. Caleb Owens, wore a listening device in 2007 and got his brother to confess to the crime. The brother likened Adam to The Talented Mr. Ripley and said he was a narcissist. The brother also said he was pleased that Adam's "Jack the Ripper" speech" was disregarded.

Robert Napper's aberrant behavior escalated from indecent exposure to killing women in front of their children. He is currently in Broadmoor as more a cautionary tale on the breakdown in communication between the investigating bodies and shoddy evidence chains rather than one of Napper being a modern-day Ripper--although his crimes, outlined here, do point to a Ripper-type escalation of violence.
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